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Let’s run through some of the new vehicle launches which, prior to this event is never before/rarely unveiled on our soils:- . While you’re at Perodua’s booth, be sure to check out a model that lets you see what you can expect in terms of legroom from future Viva models .

And you’ll find a few manufacturers offering regular models with dress-up options such as:- .

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Toyota Camry Hybrid (available in 2014) Type: Hybrid D segment sedan Engine: 2.5litre, 204PS (combined engine electric motor)/5,700rpm, 213Nm/4,500rpm Transmission: E-CVT Price: To be advised . Honda Odyssey (5th generation) Type: MPV Engine: 2.4litre Earth Dreams DOHC i-VTEC, 175PS (129k W)/6,200rpm, 225Nm/4,000rpm Transmission: CVT Seating capacity: 7 Price: RM228,000 (EX variant), RM248,000 (EXV variant) . Infiniti Q50 (available in 2014) Type: Luxury sports sedan Engine: 3.7litre V6, 328HP/7,000rpm, 365Nm/5,200rpm Transmission: 7 speed auto Seating capacity: 5 Price: To be advised . Nissan Leaf Type: Electric Vehicle, Compact Hatchback Engine: AC synchronous electric motor, 107PS (80k W), 254Nm Transmission: Single speed constant ratio Seating capacity: 5 Price: RM168,800 . Volkswagen Polo 1.6 (available in 2014) Type: Compact hatchback Engine: 1.6litre Multi-point fuel injection, 105PS (77k W)/5,250rpm, 153Nm/3,800rpm Transmission: 6 speed automatic with Tiptronic Seating capacity: 5 Price: RM85,888 (without insurance) . Citroen DS3 (available in 2014) Type: Premium compact hatchback Engine: 1.6litre VTi, 120BHP/6,000rpm, 160Nm / 4,250rpm Transmission: 6 speed automatic with Tiptronic Seating capacity: 5, 3 door Price: To be advised . Peugeot 2008 (available in 2014) Type: Crossover Engine: 1.6litre VTi, 122BHP/6,000rpm, 160Nm / 4,250rpm Transmission: 6 speed automatic with Tiptronic Seating capacity: 5 Price: estimated RM118,888 . Hyundai i40 (Sedan and Tourer) Type: Sedan and Wagon Engine: 2.0litre Nu Gasoline Direct Injection, 178PS(sedan) 177PS(tourer)/6,500rpm, 214Nm(sedan) 213 (tourer)/4,700rpm Transmission: 6 speed automatic with Tiptronic Seating capacity: 5 Price: RM 159,888 (sedan, OTR), RM178,888 (Tourer, OTR) . Ford Eco Sport Titanium (available in 2014) Type: SUV Engine: 1.5 litre Ti-VCT, 112PS /6,300rpm, 140Nm/4,400 rpm Transmission: 6 speed dual clutch Seating capacity: 5 Price: RM98,000 – RM108,000 .

Toyota Previa (3rd generation Estima) Type: MPV Engine: 2.4litre DOHC with VVT-i, 125k W/6,000rpm, 224Nm/4,000rpm Transmission: 4 speed automatic with Super ECT Seating capacity: 7 Price: RM270,000 onwards .

Unlike Perodua who claim to be the number 1 national car manufacturer of Malaysia, they are actually a conspiracy, a betrayal and a big time spy from Toyota and Daihatsu.

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Proton is actually an insidious Malaysian Government's agency which is secretly helping the undeserving Malaysian to own a damn fucking car, no matter how wrecked it is.

Thanks to the overall stupidity of Malaysian consumers, until today most of them haven't realized that their 'national' vehicle that they're driving is actually a Mitsubishi.