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Though the Mayaguez incident is often referred to as the last battle of the Vietnam War, U. military personnel who participated in it are not eligible for the Vietnam Service Medal by virtue of participating that battle alone, as the eligibility period for the medal ended in April 1975, a few weeks before the battle took place. Six months of service in support of South Vietnamese military operations was the general U. The obverse side of the medal consists of a figure of an oriental dragon (representing the subversive nature of the conflict) behind a grove of bamboo trees located above the inscription "REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM SERVICE".

Instead of the VSM, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal is authorized for military members who participated in that battle. On the reverse, a crossbow (representing the ancient weapon of Vietnam) facing upwards with a ready to be fired lighted torch of the Statue of Liberty, above an arched inscription "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA".-inch stripes of primitive green on the ends. In 2010, the Department of Defense consolidated the original list of campaigns from the original thirty to a list of eighteen by combining the U. Air Force campaign list with the other armed services.

Members of the United States Armed Forces in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, or airspace thereover, during the same period and serving in direct support of operations in Vietnam are also eligible for the award.

The Vietnam Service Medal is retroactive to 1 July 1958 and supersedes and replaces the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (AFEM) which was issued for initial operations in South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from that date through 3 July 1965.

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The Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal was issued for initial operations in South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1 July 1958 through 3 July 1965, and may be exchanged for the VSM. Every day I listen to my combat veterans as they struggle to return to the “normal” world after having a deeply life-changing experience. Sometimes that can involve medications, but listening is key.Sometimes a combat veteran tells me things that they wish their families knew.He may not see that you stay with him as a conscious choice. “The training kicks in” means something very different to him.

It is direct battle doctrine that when ambushed by a superior force, the correct response is “Apply maximum firepower and break contact.” A warrior has to be able to respond to threat with minimal time pondering choices.Lower sexual interest may lead to lower satisfaction within the relationship.