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16-Jul-2017 20:31

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That's the message behind a new video released by New Zealand Police in an attempt to address low rates of sexual assault reporting."I think that there is a lot of confusion around consent.The 21-year-old New Zealand woman spent three years living as a boy under the name 'Zane', but realised she had made a mistake transitioning at the age of 18 as she didn't feel 'right' as a male.

Zahra Cooper was born a female, but in a few short years she transitioned to a boy and then back into a girl all over again.

It doesn't mean you want it to happen again with that person.

They can't assume automatic consent because it's happened to them before." The video is part of a series explaining how to report sexual assault to police.

This was known as “cybering,” which meant having live sex.

As internet technology got more advanced, new devices were being introduced to the market that would further enhance the online communication experience.

And afterwards celebrating with wine," posted Alex Wilton on his Facebook page alongside photos of the pair.

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