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27-Oct-2017 20:59

channeled its inner millenial by airing a full segment on smartphone apps for singles in the U. That's the proportion of British voters who chose 'remain' in last year's EU referendum." Host Kelly Mc Evers introduced Frayer's report by noting that Brexit "dominates the news headlines in Europe....

Lauren Frayer played up how "many British singles..started posting how they voted — 'leave' or 'remain' — on their dating profiles." She also spotlighted the "Better Together Dating" app, which apparently "bills itself as Tinder for the 48 percent.

Married women did not do that, and neither did the single or married men. The leap to the conclusion that women were worried about their dating prospects was an interpretation, never tested directly.

Nonetheless, I don’t doubt that the interpretation is true of some single women.

So while, for better or for worse, most everybody has tried an online dating app at this point, I think they would tell you, in the 18- to 35-year-old age range.

And now what I'm seeing is a new wave of kind of second-round daters joining.

What I find to be so fascinating now is, I'm seeing an inverse in that trend.The pair "say one topic seems to come up more than ever on dates these days: Brexit." After highlightng how "people have started posting how they voted — 'leave' or 'remain' — on their dating profiles," Frayer turned to John Kershaw, the developer of the "Better Together Dating" app, who noticed the trend of singles disclosing their political stance on this controversial topic and "spotted a market." The NPR journalist also pointed out how "another company is crowdfunding to create a dating app called Remainder — same kind of thing. Since the EU referendum a year ago, people have started posting how they voted — 'leave' or 'remain' — on their dating profiles — on apps like Tinder, OKCupid, and But there's no app — at least, that I could find — for 'leave' voters." Frayer then interviewed Sam Freeman, a member of "Better Together Dating," who "uses the..for a little respite from the Brexit arguments that dominate dinner tables across the U. these days." She noted that Freeman is also "on other apps, and he says he always swipes left — that means not interested — when he sees profile photos with the word 'leave' emblazoned on them, or with a nationalist flag in the background." The correspondent ended her report with a humorous anecdote about her featured anti-Brexit single: "There's even a bigger deal breaker for Sam in these apps — something that always makes him swipe left." Freeman revealed that he is "allergic to cats." It should be pointed out that the day before the June 2016 referendum, NPR's KELLY MCEVERS: Britain's upcoming exit from the European Union dominates the news headlines in Europe. It's the topic of family arguments over many British dinner tables. John Kershaw, an app developer from Manchester, spotted a market.Morning Edition on NPR gave big play to some new research.

As summarized in the online transcript, “A study finds that single women are much less likely to express career ambitions compared to married women or men.In December, she started messaging with a man named Brian on the dating app Hinge.

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