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"If you can get your opponent thinking more, getting distracted, it's only benefiting you."NEW YORK — Delays. 2 Spaniard's meticulously placed water bottles on a changeover. Less amusing to Nadal was the time Robin Soderling refused to leave the locker room first for one of their matches, another of Nadal's tics.They are designed with the lowest instalments possible while still meeting the cruise line payment deadlines.Also, there are no fees or late charges, while payments are always flexible to suit your own budget. But warranted or not, many felt the second-ranked Belarusian had gamed the system. I've played against girls that are dancing in the service box, that are taking bathroom breaks after losing a set 6-0 or taking medical timeouts when you're about to serve for the set. For her, mind games didn't work."I got out of rhythm and lost even worse," Petkovic says. That's my goal today."And he did, Gullikson says of Lendl, who was 16-0 vs. And of course there are medical timeouts, tennis' version of icing the kicker.

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When play resumed, Azarenka broke Stephens to seal the match and then offered some ill-timed comments about breathing problems and avoiding "the choke of the year."Azarenka was within her rights to call for a medical timeout. Open women's contenders Most would recognize the most egregiously mistreated rule of modern times: the bathroom break, which is commonly understood to be a tactic players use to collect themselves or impede momentum. Grand Slam rules permit two restroom visits per match, which must be taken on a set break. Former top-five player Brad Gilbert says that he contested more than 800 matches on tour and never once left the court to relieve himself."If you have to go to bathroom," says Gilbert, an ESPN commentator and coach, "it'd better be because of the runs."What really gets under players' skin is the time it takes for players to do their business and return to the court."You get cool," complains former No. Some players will intentionally hit away from a player's preferred sequence of shots during a warm-up to mess with their head, said 2005 U. Petkovic, a former top-10 player, is one of the few who owns up to the fact that she was told by coaches as a junior to employ disruptive psychological tactics. I'm going to run you left, right, left, right, until you cramp.Outside, Anne Taylor Wright presents a quick bulletin. Claire is happy to see Gary, but Gary is interested only in Julie.